When Customer Service goes Good…its Genuine

I know that recently I’ve been blogging about customer service that goes wrong and what its like to be at the end of it 😦

Well, for a change, I’ve had a really good experience that it is worth exploring.

It started with a crack in my car’s windshield.  Which lead to a call to my insurer – Swiftcover.  My call was handled promptly and compassionately.  The customer service rep knew what to do, asked the necessary questions, was polite and kept checking back to confirm that he had heard what I’d said and that he understood me.  Couldn’t be faulted, even down to working through a set of possible times and dates for when the Windscreen could be replaced…on site.

The only odd note, was that a couple of times I was put on hold and got the ‘hold music’ thing; which was punctuated by adverts for AA insurance…but I’m with Swiftcover!  Maybe they outsource their windscreen replacement service desk to AA?

Then today, AA AutoWindshields arrive to do their stuff.  What I really appreciated was that the technician (don’t know his name but his Staff Number is 83073) behaved in a genuine manner.  By that I mean that in addition to getting on and doing his job professionally and competently, he was also genuinely happy to answer my questions and generally seemed to want to interact with me as a real person.  Even down to a ‘thank you’ and a handshake when he had finished.

And really, what more do you want from customer service, than professionalism, competence and a genuine person dealing with you and being happy to treat you as another human being.

So congratulations to AA Windshields for allowing at least one member of your staff to behave as if he actually cares about what he does and the people he comes into contact with.

Why do some other firms make it so difficult to be human…and genuine?


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