Why oh why did I believe you?

What can you do when your expectations aren’t met?

This should have been a simple tale – find a product you want (in my case a new tripod for our video camera so we can video our workshops). Then choose a supplier (on the web…and my choice was nannotec, trading as fstopdirect), place an order and expect delivery within the time they specify (and that was for last Friday, the 17th Feb). Then wait for delivery.

Which doesn’t happen. So Monday morning (yesterday the 20th Feb) I send an email asking when to expect delivery. Here is the key part of the very helpful response;

...i have just spoken to Yodel and they will deliver your order today...

And here is my email to nannotec earlier today (as it is now Tuesday the 21st Feb);

“I really should have known better, from previous experience, that whenever Yodel is named as the courier, there is little point in believing what I’m told. And yet, you seemed so confident and capable; I fully expected to receive the tripod…even at 9.00pm yesterday I was still waiting. But nothing, no delivery, no card, no call…nothing.

I do have a real reason for needing this item and that is for 12.00 today, But the chances of getting it by then must be nil. After which it really doesn’t matter.

Thing is this also reflects badly on your firm. You choose who you use to deliver your products, they are a key part of the experience and having let me down, I will find it difficult to trust you or recommend you to anyone else. Even though I get the sense that you are passionate about what you do and care about the products you sell.

And once again, I have to look at myself and wonder why I tend to believe the best of people; I’m sorely tempted to change my world view and start to become a more cynical disbeliever. Every experience like this points me in that direction. But I will continue to fight against it, as I couldn’t do my job if I felt that way. And deep down, I know that people aren’t the problem; it’s the way they are managed, the way their systems have been developed and the way they are encouraged to simply lie when in a tight spot. Thing is though, that ultimately reflects on them as individuals anyway.”


Fstopdirect pulls put all its stops

Around 11.00am I got a call from Jessica at fStopdirect to say that Yodel couldn’t find the package, so she was arranging for a colleague to deliver another tripod to me at 12.00.

Wonderful. So I’m now just waiting for it to appear…Which it does as I type.

Many many thanks to Jessica and her customers services manager for living up to and beyond my expectations.

Now you are stars. Long may you shine


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